When I mentioned my blog to the guides they were eager to have a little something to contribute! (They are a crazy bunch)!

‘Our week’ – Charlie

‘By far, the most memorable activity of our week was the walk to the woodcarvers. It was definitely a walk to remember! Even though parts were uphill and we had to walk through a thunder and lightening storm, and a hail storm and the fact that we got soaked to the skin it was a great experience!!! Not many people can claim to have experienced such a quick, soaking and sudden weather change unless they actually live here!

One of the funniest moments of the week is what we like to call ‘new train new man’ They were the most amazing train journeys ever! It all started with us sitting on a train and our leader Vicky sat on a 4 seater next to a random sleeping man!

One of the scariest parts of the week was going up the mountain in Brienz! This was due to the fact that it was a pretty steep incline and at the top we were englufed in clouds and there was a sheer drop down one side of the train!!’

‘The Woodcarver’ – Laura

‘When we set off it was sunny and warm outside so our raincoats were at the bottom of our bags! On the way it all changed! Rain, thunder, lightening, and hailstone! When we got there our bags were dripping wet through. The worst thing was, Rhia and Leah had forgotten their raincoats and were soaked head to toe in rain!
Moral of the story: Be prepared for all sorts of weather in Switzerland!! ‘