I have NEVER seen anything like it! Ok, so on their penultimate day, the 1st Viewpark Boys brigade took part in both the pre-celebratory concert and the parade for Swiss National day- It’s a very big patriotic day in Switzerland, and after their last visit in 2009, the 1st Viewpark boys were eager to take part once more in the celebrations!

Lots of music was involved – naturally – with alpine horns, yodellers and a choir! When the alpine horns were being played, there was even a dance done with the Swiss flag. Despite the flag being dropped during the performance (which is supposed to be a very bad thing as it symbolises Switzerland), and the echoing bangs from the fireworks in the distance, the night was a brilliant success!

The atmosphere was amazing! Hundreds of locals, visitors, guides, scouts and the boys brigade – I can’t link them in with guides and scouts for obvious reasons(!) were clapping on, and woo-hooing our boys! It made you proud to be British! The younger boys did a drum piece superbly! Some of the bagpipers played Auld Lang Syne and people from all over the world made a circle holding hands in the middle of the crowd. After the initial performances, the boys then went on to lead the Adelboden Swiss national day parade, where I proudly got to join them in their march – i think that they sympathetically adopted me! During the parade, the boys were cheered, clapped at, wolf whistled at, congratulated by guides and scouts from all over the world, a gentleman bowed at him, and another even took his hat off to them! I have never experienced anything like it – i can’t even stop smiling now at the memory of it!

One question arises from our Swiss national day experience, so i must ask everybody out there:

Why do people set of fireworks in the daytime?! – I think one managed to scare the colours out of each of us at least twice in the day!

Unfortunately my boys have left now! More than likely sleeping on their bus back home to Scotland – they do like their sleep! I’m so sad to have seen them leave. I’ve had such an amazing week with them! They’ve even made me an honourary boys brigade member: I have my own waterproofs and everything! I’m going to miss you crazy lot, check out the photos and videos from Swiss national day – they will be up very shortly!