Those of you who know me know that I could not stay a week somewhere and not mention the food! That is especially so when in Mexico. Gone are images of sizzling Fajitas and Taco Shells that grace the supermarket shelves at home. At Our Cabaña, these are replaced by Tomales, Taco Tubes, Cactus, Hibiscus Juice, an array of yummy fruity deserts and a whole lot more. On the first night we were told how to eat various things the Mexican Way. This included using a lot of lime, chilli and of course salsa verde. Now, I am a fan of salsa verde and you can imagine my delight when one day it was on the table for breakfast, lunch and dinner!! Those who are not so fond of spicy food were happy to discover that the chefs at Our Cabaña do not make the food hot; it is in-fact up to you to do this… salsa verde anyone?

The culinary experience continued as we discovered the desserts of the week; the spectacular desserts served at Las Mañanitas, a local restaurant which is among the best in the World. The dishes that came out of the kitchen were more like works of art on a plate… Truely amazing and utterly delicious!