What is tubing I here you ask? Well tubing is a very fun and chilled out activity where each person sits in a tube, almost like a rubber ring, and floats down a river taking in the views, attempting to stand up and rather inevitably falling into the chilly water. In the case of Seer Green Scouts this was along the mighty River Aare between Thun and Bern and also involved lots of splashing, pushing each other in and taking in the rays as we bobbed along! The day was topped off by a well needed lie down for everyone in one of Bern’s awesome parks before taking a tour around the historic Swiss capital and it’s many sights!

Meanwhile the other half of the scouts were rafting on the River Simme taking on the mighty rapids and white water, fortunately not too many people fell in and they all came back having enjoyed it!

The group have also been taking part in various other activities since they arrived last Saturday and it’s fair to say have been very busy! A swim in the freezing Lake was followed by tobogganing at the top of the Oeschinensee cable car on Sunday. Today the scouts have gone off hiking with half of them doing the 2-day hike and climb course in the mountains and the other half took a cable car up the allmenalp before hiking back to KISC followed tomorrow by a climbing course in the Gemmipass at a height of 2000m!

A perfect few days for the scouts from Buckinghamshire, I’m sure it’ll continue!