LOB Guides at Our Chalet

Saturday – our first day of adventure and exploration in Switzerland and where better for a group of Guides to start other than at one of our four world centres “Our Chalet”. After so many hours on a coach getting to Switzerland it was good to step into the fresh mountain air and start winding our way up the mountain side. The journey was not too long but in places was quite steep however we took plenty of breaks to photograph the breath taking scenery and take the obligatory selfies that were to become a very common occurrence on all our trips.

I was very surprised during the tour of “Our Chalet” to find that there are in fact five chalets and it was very interesting to discover why and how this particular world centre came about. After raiding the gift shop for all our keepsakes and exploring a little more by ourselves it was time to leave and make our way to the Woodcarvers.

The weather was being extremely kind to us and we made our way down the mountain side stopping at the roadside in the valley to eat our packed lunches before making our ascent up the opposite mountain, feet were beginning to ache and we were glad to finally reach the Woodcarvers. The range of carvings for sale were wide and varied and the intricate detail had to be seen to be believed. Most of the group came away with a wooden woggle with their name on it and after a short rest at the cafe it was time to head back via the Choleren Gorge.

Tired and slightly foot weary we headed home only to realise that we were unsure of the exact route and ended up taking the longest most arduous route while getting caught in a torrential downpour. But hey we are Guides, we came through it and have great memories for it.