The first day of the weekend began early for most of us, but the thrill of beginning a new adventure together made the long day ahead of us one we would relish. For me this was venturing into new territory as I joined a handful of ladies at East Midlands Airport for the start of their journey into Belfast.

Waiting with mascot!
Derbyshire ladies waiting with ‘Tilly’ their well travelled mascot!

We were all eager to get through to departures as quickly as possible;we had somewhere very important to go!

The ladies scarves were very early in our journey courting the attentions of many a passer by, with each member quite openly proud to share their link to Girl Guiding with anyone who wished to know more.

“We really are the best advert for the Trefoil Guild” was muttered on a few occasions, a comment I most certainly could not disagree with.

Arriving into Belfast we quickly boarded coaches to be transferred to our respective hotels.

With everyone checked in, there was just time for a quick turnaround before dinner, a fine display of food (and of course company) awaited us!

As representatives of Venture Abroad we were invited at the last minute to join a number of ladies for the Trefoil Guild Civic Reception to be held at the Guildhall just across the road from our hotel. A beautiful, beautiful building that played host to drinks and the company of their inspirational first mayor of Derry/LondonDerry -most fitting was that she happened to be young, female and committed to achieving something special.

First Mayor Elisha McCallion gives speech at Trefoil Civic Reception
First Mayor Elisha McCallion gives speech at Trefoil Civic Reception




It just shows you what you can achieve when you really set your mind to it.

Speech given, a long day had and there really was only one place to go next – Bed!

Let’s see what tomorrow brings …