I arrived in a sunny Belgium on Wednesday afternoon to be told it was their first day of summer –  apparently they’ve had almost as much rain as us!  After a tour around the camp site I settled for dinner with the volunteer family who have been helping look after the camp site this week.

Yesterday I decided to take a trip into Leuven to have a look around and grab some maps for the groups. After getting caught in a number of down pours and the huge distraction of the sales all the shops are having, I eventually made it to the tourist information to get the maps. Leuven is a very pretty city and some of the building are stunning, I will definitely take some photos when I’m next there for you to see for yourself (hopefully without the rain!).

The rain has caused a bit of trouble on the campsite and a couple of pegs in the dining shelters have come lose, so today’s job is to fix the tents up ready to welcome the first group, 7th Dronfield Explorers, tomorrow. I was hoping on getting a bit of a tan like Ken and the rest of the camp building team did just a few weeks ago, but it’s now pouring it down so I think I’m going to have to grab my boots and coat and brave the rain. The forecast for the weekend looks much better though with sunshine predicted for the next three days, so hopefully I can be soaking up the sun as my colleague Chris is in KISC!