Coach 3 have had another busy day! We headed to our 3rd country of the trip and the Brownies were very excited to get their “passport stamps” on the way into Belgium! Bruges was our destination and we walked across the city faster than Usain Bolt in order to make our canal boat trip. This was a good chance to rest following the manic sprint and it was great to hear about some of Bruges history and see the amazing city. Some girls even won extra Brownie Points for remembering the facts which came in useful for the wide game later.

After the canal boat ride the groups split up to explore Bruges and complete as much of the wide game as possible. It was very hot so ice creams were on the menu all round, as was relaxing in the shade in the park! The girls had a great day and a highlight was definitely shopping for chocolate and souvenirs.

There was another exciting addition to dinner when we got the chance to try snails alongside our roast beef. Lots of girls tried them, Bea from Hereford was brave and tried the first snail and Charlotte from Basingstoke are seven! The girls are now having fun with their evening activity and have swapped badges with each other as well!