Whilst the leaders seem to have misplaced our 5 minute warning call, we were greeted with a -2 minute call – luckily everyone rolled into the dining room in a slightly dazed state ready for another yummy breakfast.

We then headed out to visit ‘Our Chalet’ – not our chalet, OUR chalet! After learning about the history of the World Centre, we divided and were guided round a tour involving neckers from around the world, a bomb shelter, Helen Storrow’s bedroom and a wooden marmot.

We then signed the visitors book, visited the shop and conquered the swaps pile before heading out to the back steps for many photo opportunities and to renew our promise.

We then headed back to the chalet for lunch and a relaxed afternoon: a few of us took a trek into Adelboden, some a stroll to the local Bistro and some got in some much needed practice for the Table Tennis/Table Football competitions.