Today (Monday) we weren’t even graced with any warning before flexi-breakfast at the ungodly hour of 7am, although the bribery of double breakfast was enough to drag us downstairs.

We then ventured into the unknown through the mist to find the local (2 hours away) woodcarvers shop. We got to watch how a wooden cow was carved, collect our woggles and look at/buy many of their other products from key rings to giant bears!

We then wandered down the road to a small cafe where we were treated to a drink and cake! The people and cakes were lovely although Lily seems to have been scarred for life by the toilet experience.


We then walked back to visit the Cholerenschlucht Gorge where we could walk around inside and below the waterfalls even if it did mean we got dripped on quite a lot!


We then swam back through the mist and the rain to have tea and finish the Table Football (won by Polly) and Table Tennis (won by Lily) tournaments.