Despite the promise of flexi – breakfast, everyone was called down at 7.30 to make a vital decision. Having seen the pouring rain of that morning and the forecast of rain all day the guiders decided to give us the choice about whether or not to go to the adventure park.

At 8.30 the dream team, suited out in full waterproofs, headed out down the river whilst the others stayed in for a pyjama/movie day.

Having arrived at the adventure park, amazingly, nearly bone dry, we were kitted out with harnesses and pulleys and set off across the first zip wires.

There were 6 zip wires getting higher each time, a series of rope bridges and the chance to abseil down off the bridge over the river.

We all had a great time and escaped with only one shower which only seemed to add to the fun of the zip wires!

We then headed back to dry off, watch a movie and to resume our Irish snap craze which led to several more minor injuries and sore hands!