Hello all!

We are currently enduring a heatwave in the Netherlands and everyone on Buitenzorg are all loving it! It has been an absolutely beautiful week and both our groups have been very busy!

Wednesday evening brought all the groups on the site, from Germany, Ireland, Denmark and The Netherlands,  to an International campfire. Each group shared their favourite campfire songs, including Westbury Guides, who sang a very confusing song about a tree. It was really nice to see everybody together and hearing so many weird and wonderful tunes!


After this gorgeous night of campfire songs, everybody got up early to get on a coach to Efteling Theme Park! Everybody was keen to try out the new roller-coaster Baron 1989, and even our youngest and smallest guides tested their bravery! Anvil Explorers seemed especially active, and it was very common to spot them running around the park donning their signature orange T-shirts.In the 32 degree heat, everybody deserved their hour’s nap on the coach back to Buitenzorg to prepare for another big day!



I hope everybody at home is having a great week and I’ll keep you updated on all the many goings-on at Buitenzorg, The Netherlands!