George Peterkin: I enjoyed doing the hike and walking on the glaciers as they had very nice views that I will never forget.

Shauna Goddard: I liked all the views and dominoes pizza (our recovery meal!!)

Katie W: I enjoyed the big waterfall… wow.

Adam M: I enjoyed looking at the geysirs.

Toby T: I enjoyed standing on the edge of the tectonic plants on the golden circle tour.

Thomas A: I enjoyed hiking because I enjoyed the views.

Luke H: I enjoyed going into the city tour of Reykjavik.

Owen C: I really enjoyed Reykjavik city tour.

Jack M: I enjoyed the views up the mountains.

Owen B: I enjoyed the Golden Circle tour.

Jack W: I enjoyed seeing the geysirs.

James W: I enjoyed the hot springs on the golden circle tour.

Josh D: I enjoyed the hike. I am very proud of myself.

Alex M: I enjoyed the geysirs. They were very warm!

Lewis B: I enjoyed the golden circle tour.

Liam O: I really enjoyed climbing up mountains and taking of the camp.