Alyssia Brownlie: I enjoyed the Golden Circle, thank you to the leaders for organising Iceland.

Benji Dyer: I enjoyed our trip to Reykjavik

George Nugent: I enjoyed all of the Geysirs

Amie Thomson: I enjoyed the glacier walking because I got to walk on the ice

Kitty Spearing: I liked going to Reykjavik because it was really nice to meet the Icelandic people and enjoying the food.

Anya Steers: I enjoyed the sites at the Glacier walk because its something I’ve never seen before and it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Malachi Newman: I really enjoyed the Golden Circle tour because I got to see the sights of Iceland

Becky Steel: I liked the Geysirs watching them bumble and erupt

Jabob Kirkham: I really enjoyed the Glacier walk as the views were great. I liked learning about the glaciers and how they have been formed. Learning how quick they move back.

Cameron Seward: I really enjoyed the Glacier tour seeing all the ice and doing a press up to drink the water.

Charlotte Lawrence: I enjoyed Reykjavik and the Glacier excursion because it was so surreal

Isabel Nugent: I liked the Geysirs and going on the Glacier.

Joseph Girvan: I liked the Glaciers and learning about what happens to them and I liked how they move back 30 metres every year.

Jack Barber: I like eating Glacier Ice because it was cold. The oldest thing I will ever eat

Joel Wilson: I liked the Glacier walk and the way they measure the height of the Ice

David Fraser: I enjoyed the hike as it’s the highest I have ever climbed.