A blisteringly hot few days has been the perfect start for Oddy Explorers from Hertfordshire and Heaton Explorers from Stockport, including their Northern Irish contingent.

On Saturday, 12th Warrington East Scouts and Explorers went to the Thermal Baths over in Brigerbad on the other side of the mountains.  From what I gather it was a fantastic day out with the highlights being jumping off the rocks into the pools and the car train which goes through the tunnel from Kandersteg to Southern Switzerland. They finished off their week with a chilled out day in Kandersteg as well as an evening stroll up to Hoh, the viewpoint which sits above Kandersteg and which has the perfect view over Kandersteg lit up at night.

Heaton Explorers wasted no time at all as they split off onto their different activities on Sunday including the Rodelbahn and swimming in the glacial lake, as well as high-ropes, team building and the International Sports Afternoon! In the evening all 68 of them went to the swimming pool to try out Kandersteg’s extreme diving boards as well as make the most of the evening sunshine!!

Oddy Explorers also made the trip up to Oeschinensee yesterday, hiking up the valley to get a refreshing dip in the lake before scaring themselves on the tobogganing! Today they’re on the KISC Crate Stacking and Zipwire, with many of the explorers managing to stack up at least 20 crates with one of the members reaching the wire after stacking all 29 crates… Trust me it was crazily high.

A fantastic weekend here at KISC and I’m sure it’ll be another great week!

Ps. The irony being that after days of dry weather it has just started raining!!

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