Home made volleyball
Home made volleyball


Well I definitely got what was promised a fantastic gateway to their campsite complete with slide! I’m impressed by the pioneering. Today was a chilled day with pioneering, playing with the raft, sun bathing, volleyball and cooking. Then in early evening I set off with the Network members to find some geo-caching outside the campsite.

Chef Sean : tonight's dinner curry
Chef Shaun : tonight’s dinner curry


Written by Matrix explorers:

We woke up after a ‘lie in’ (8.30!!) had breakfast, and began our pioneering project. We ended up having to hand in 2 iPads in exchange for two trolleys for all the poles!

It took us most of the day to complete the project. We built a slide and a platform.

It is a total of 6 metres high, we also made a volley ball net and set to a game!

By Callum and Robyn

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