Day  6 was an early start accompanied by clear skies and a chill in the air. We caught the bus to Fruitigen and then the train to Spiez. From there we boarded a ferry where we went hiking up a steep hill to reach the interesting Beatushohlen Caves. Then we took a guided tour through the caves, which included lights. pre-recordings and descriptions in English. This lasted just over an hour, with many laughs, singing and strange smells along the way and the guide showed us many wondrous sights these included stalactites and stalagmites.

From the caves we ate lunch, whilst overlooking the fantastic views of the Lake, we had sailed on previously and then we headed back onto the ferry, which took us to Interlaken West where we separated into the two groups from day one. The first group walked to the Chocolatier and had a tour of the chocolate makers at work whilst the other group went shopping, then we switched.

The chocolate maker showed us how to make chocolate molds like a Cinderella shoe and Powered Mountains with Caramel, he also gave us free samples and watched a video on how to make the chocolate to use. We then caught the train back from Interlaken Ost to Fruitigen, where we jumped on the usual bus back to HQ.

Back at base we are cooking Lasagne, with the scouts looking forward to dinner.