Good evening all,
Today dawned bright and sunny after the downpour we had yesterday. We started by catching a bus to Fruitigen, then we caught a train to Spiez, from there we jumped on another train to Interlacken Ost and from there we caught the rack and pinion train (a train that can traverse steep inclines) to Lauterbrunnen. During our journey the Scouts decided to wake Spiez up by engaging in a song battle with another Scout group, needless to say it earned us some smiles and some disapproving looks from the locals. Our total journey time was around two hours so by the time we arrived in Lauterbrunnen the Scouts were very keen to go exploring. We then walked to Trummelbachfalle which took us about 30 minutes and took us past some water falls that seem to pour of the cliffside and disa…ppear. The falls were amazing they consisted of a series of water falls in a deep gorge. The water had carved out fantastic rock formation over thousands of years. The Scouts thoroughly enjoyed seeing 20,000 litres of water plummeting up to 50ft per second. There was a large amount of spray which thoroughly soaked the Scouts, fortunately is was a enjoyable 24 degrees so they soon dried out.

We then hiked back to Lauterbrunnen and caught a cable car up to Grutschalp. This cable car could hold up to 100 people and swayed drastically when it went over the pylons (which was quite disconcerting). Then we caught another rack and pinion train to Murren which is a small village that does not have cars. We explored this town for a short while and took in the fantastic views of the Jungfrau before we caught another train to Sonnenberg. This train however was pulled up a very steep incline by high tension cable up to 1900 metres above sea level. We then retraced our steps back down the mountain to Lauterbrunnen and then finally back to HQ.

Now its time for Fish Fingers, Chips and Beans which this leader is thoroughly looking forward to …