Here are some comments from the Scouts and Young Leaders:

Cameron S– Today I had a great time at Trummelbachfalles, they were amazing and the white water rafting was amazing.

James M – Trummelbachfalles was amazing and a few days before I abseiled of a 25m bridge!

Luke W– I had a great time at Trummelbachfalles the journey there was boring but it was worth it !!!

Steph M– Walking through the water falls and seeing the views was great and the best part was less walking. Having fun !

Chris M– The best part was looking at the views from the cable car. Having a great laugh !

Will C– The best part of today was seeing brilliant views of Switzerland from the mountains. Good day.

Oska R– Seeing the Jungfrau and the Trummelbachfalles was amazing. Switzerland has some amazing views.

Hannah W– The cable car and train was great even with the lack of seats. Memorable.