Good evening everyone,

So day 3 of our adventure consisted of white water rafting. This proved to be an amazing activity which all the Scouts thoroughly enjoyed. We travelled on a public bus and train from Oey to Interlaken Ost where we were collected by Alpinrift Rafting. They took us to their HQ and gave us a wet suit, helmet and buoyancy aid each. Once we were kitted out we rode in a stifling hot bus for half hour up into the mountains.

Once we had arrived at the mountain village we dumped the boats in the fast flowing milky water and embarked upon our ‘voyage’. The rapids were immense and the Scouts soon became soaked. The water was very chilly but it was a welcome relief as we all got very hot whilst controlling the raft. We were on the water for around hour and a half with a short 5 minute break as we had to avoid a nature reserve.


Eventually the river took us to a beautiful turquoise lake which we swam in (a nice chilly 10 degrees) and then loaded the rafts back onto the trailer. Our guides then took us back to their HQ where we were give bread, cheese and drinks. On the return journey we asked the Scouts what they thought of the day and the response was 100% positive, everyone said they had an amazing time.

We are now cooking Chicken, rice and vegetables and I predict an early night if the Scouts are as tired as this leader…