Here are some comments from Trummelback:


Robert Pridmore – Today I went white water rafting, I nearly fell out of the boat twice !

Jacob Kirkham – Today I went white water rafting and I really enjoyed myself ! I got to swim in the rapids.

Callum Stearn – My favourite activity was white water rafting, I jumped in the water.

Oliver Stearn – Today I went white water rafting. My favourite part was white water rafting, it was epic !

Zachary Kirkham -I am really enjoying my time in Switzerland. Today we went white water rafting, IT WAS EPIC !!

Jenson Leeks – I am having an awesome time in Switzerland. Today I went white water rafting, which was the best and yesterday we went to the adventure park.

Thomas Kingdon – Its great here, the scenery is great. Today we went rafting it was the best so far (worth the Tesco hours).

Harry Thatcher – Yesterday I did the Pendulum Swing off a bridge. Today I swam in water rapids.

Jack Wells – Its been so fun and earlier I lost my tooth ! Yesterday I went on a zip wire and abseiled down a bridge it was a once in a life time experience.

Mathew Palmer – Today was awesome ! We went on a white water rafting trip and had a bit of a swim. Can’t wait for the week ahead.

Ben Palmer – Everyday has been really good. Water rafting has been the best by far.

Sam Saunders – Its been really fun so far. Today we did white water rafting.

George Peterkin – Everyday I look outside the window and the view of the mountains are amazing and I always do something fun !