Today started early as we departed for our day; firstly in Saint Omer and then on to Boulogne-sur-Mer and the Nausicca Sea Life Centre, but more on this later. First a round up of the events of yesterday evening… After dinner the whole group gathered together for an Opening/Welcome Ceremony. Everyone got together in a big circle in the sunshine and joined ribbons as a symbol of what the week was about – friendship, challenge and adventure.

The best quote of the day came from Rachel ¬†‘Adventures are only fantastic once you’ve lived to see the end of them!’, hopefully we all have amazing adventures this week and live to tell the tale! But back to today… The weather hasn’t been kind to us today. ¬†However the wind and the rain didn’t hold us back. Everyone had great fun in Saint Omer doing the ‘town trail’ and getting to see the sights in the process. We then made our way to Boulogne and Nausicca. The Sea Life Centre, although busy, was enjoyed by all, with everyone getting to see turtles, sharks and an amazing Sealion demonstration. My favourite story of the day – one group of Guides asked one of the Centres staff very politely where the shop was, ‘Oui Madam, would you like me to take you there?’ ‘Yes please’ was the reply! The very helpful member of staff then guided them all the way to the Sharks! Upon arrival the girls looked quizzically at each other before thanking the guide having a right good giggle and making their own way to the shop! Tonight is French Night, but more on that tomorrow!