It was a drizzly start to the big Disney day (if only we had some fairy dust to magic the sunshine!) but with anoraks on, brollies up and tickets at the ready, the groups weren’t about to let a bit of rain dampen their high Disney spirits!

Excitement was bubbling as we approached the gates and little faces lit up as we walked through the ticket barriers and entered the park.

The day unfolded in a magical flurry of rollercoasters, parades and caramel ice cream sundaes and we soaked up the atmosphere to its very last Disney drop!

With a sea of pink bobble hats here and a cluster of orange jumpers there, it wasn’t hard to spot our groups as we wandered through the parks. It was great to see them all enjoying themselves as they hurried excitedly from ride to ride, swapped euros for Mickey Mouse ears and took smiley group photos by the famous Disney castle.

All too soon, the day was over and the parks lit up in neon colours for the final few magical hours. The Disney light show was the perfect end to a perfect day and after the fantastic finale of fireworks, the groups headed back to hotels to hot chocolate and warm beds!

If only the magic could go on forever… but as we all know, the spell only lasts until midnight!