A road trip,  a Eurotunnel and a packet of oreos later…here we are at Disneyland Paris!

Charlotte, Bryony, Colette and I hit the road at 6am this morning (bleary-eyed with coffees in hand but all geared up for the Disney January Weekend!).

Favourite Disney films were the topic of car conversation, followed by a cliché yet oh so crucial sing along. 

On the approach to Disneyland, the child within leapt at the sight of the castle and a bunch of ordinarily mature adults transformed into a car-ful of giddy kids!

Once that was out the way, we began to prepare for our groups to arrive. Colette and Bryony welcomed 4th Hatfield Brownies and 2nd Winterbourne Brownies to Disney’s Hotel Cheyenne whilst Charlotte and I welcomed 1st Heath Hayes Brownies and Guides and 23rd Burnley St Cuthberts Brownies to the Davy Crockett Ranch well ahead of schedule…must be that Disney magic!

We’re looking forward to meeting the rest of the groups tomorrow for a fun filled day in the Disney parks!