Looks pretty wobbly to me
Looks pretty wobbly to me

So we’re already half way through this week, what have the groups been up to???

Yesterday 1st Hawarden Scouts headed to Brigerbad thermal baths where they enjoyed the beautiful sunny weather that Kandersteg is currently missing out on!

Despite the cold (and a little rain) the 1st Candover Valley Scouts enjoyed completing against each other in a crate stacking competition. The girls team won overall but boys hold the record for the highest number of crates stacked with one of them reaching 20!

Today 3rd Gosport Sea Scouts have been testing their nerves on the crate stacking too and are preparing to try out the low ropes this afternoon. Whilst 1st Hawarden Scouts are prepping to head off on an overnight hike to Ueschinenhutte.

So let us know in the comments if you think you could beat 1st Candover Valley at crate stacking – or better yet upload a photo of your group crate stacking to Twitter or Facebook with #VentureAbroad