Loads of challenges and activities have met the groups staying in Kandersteg over the past few days.

There are now three scout groups staying at KISC all of whom have busy weeks planned ahead. All three groups went up to Oeschinensee yesterday to have a go at the tobogganing (with the only incident being a shoe lace getting caught in a sled) and then for a chilly dip in the alpine lake. The baking sun made it a really nice first day for all the groups to relax and become accustomed to their mountainous surroundings. This was followed a walk down the paths through the forest to village below and a very enjoyable day for all the groups.

Meanwhile the guides have had a busy few days with a boat trip to the caves at St Beatushohlen on Friday. This was followed by a trip to Interlaken for tea at McDonalds and the Chocolatier show which apparently was amazing ! On Saturday the guides did the trip up the cable car to Oeschinensee for an action packed day. The Monstrous Jungfraujoch awaited them on Sunday. A fairly early start saw them get the 5 trains up to the Jungfrau where they took part in Sledging and tubing as well as take a tour of the Ice Palace and then went for a meal back in Kandersteg. It’s fair to say they were shattered when they got back !

On Saturday I had to say goodbye to 1st Linslade who I became great friends with over the last week. They finished their week with a meal and awards evening at Des Alpes in Kandersteg. This included many strange awards for the escapades of group members during the week and silly games to round off the night and an enthralling week!

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