When deciding on where to go for your next summer adventure, why not consider Greece? Based at Sportcamp – a fantastic sports and activity centre in Loutraki – you’ll be free to enjoy the on-site facilities, as well as embark on action-packed day trips to the lake, the mountains and the city!


Sportcamp – your home away from home


Located in Loutraki, Sportcamp has got everything under one roof. And whilst ‘sport’ is in the name, it boasts lots of social spaces and facilities for all those non-sporty activities. Purpose-built for groups, this camp provides fully-equipped sports facilities, dormitory-style accommodation, dining areas and entertainment options.

With excellent weather all year round, it’s a fantastic base for Scouts and Guides. Not only does it give you the freedom to do as much or as little as you want, but it strengthens team spirit and solidifies the bonds between group members.


Loutraki – experience a different side of Greece


When you’re not at Sportcamp, visit the coastal town of Loutraki. Located on the Gulf of Corinth, Loutraki is an amazing place. Blessed with sunny skies and a vibrant tourist scene, Loutraki is renowned for its natural springs and baths.

Upon arrival, you’ll have the chance to explore a range of baths and medicinal springs that were once used as curative mineral water treatments. This now has transitioned into modern medicine, where there’s now a modern hydrotherapy centre, built right in the centre of the town.

Aside from Loutraki’s fascinating medical background, there’s a wealth of attractions to go and explore. We recommend visiting the Loutraki Waterfalls. Although artificially made, they remain one of the most impressive landmarks within the town as water descends through tall trees and rocky corners. There’s also a wealth of shops to peruse to grab those all-important souvenirs.


Athens – hit up Greece’s biggest sights


Just a 1-hour drive from Loutraki, Athens is a must. And the first thing you should visit is the Acropolis. Known worldwide as the most striking and complete Greek monumental complex, the Acropolis and its monuments are sure to intrigue and amaze from the moment you arrive.

We also recommend the Panathenaic Stadium. Its deep history directly connects it to the Modern Olympic Games, from their revival in 1896 all the way up to the Athens Olympic Games in 2004. This stadium is widely regarded as one of the most famous tourist sites in Greece, and a trip here will introduce you to its development – from hosting gymnikoi agones through to Olympic athletes.


All in all, Greece has something for everyone. Its ability to offer a contrasting tour, from thrill-seeking activities to historical visits, creates a rewarding trip for everyone involved. What are you waiting for? It’s time to create the perfect trip for 2021 and get outdoors!


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