Comments from the scouts today. Enjoy….

James S:  The best part of the today was tobogganing because it was full of energy and it was excillaratinggggggg ….. it is going great even though I am on that dodgy mattress.

Anthony D: One of the of best things of today was jumping/crawling into the lovely ice cold freezing painful water, but despite the minor issue of the rather cold water it was also very fun and enjoyable xD

Victor W: The best part of the day was the tobogganing; it was so good I went twice. It was really fast when you accelerated and it was exhilarating and adrenaline pumping. Very enjoyable. 😀

Harry J: Today was great we went tobogganing I wish it stopped raining so I could a 2nd go. THE HIKE WAS FUN the cable car was really good.

Kaizer C: Today was amazing the best thing was going in a very very very very cold lake!!!!! But the hike there was tiring.

Michael G:  The hike to the glacier was so much fun because the fog was so thick you could cut a slice of it with a spoon.

Jack P: Today was great we went to lake Oeschinensee in the mountain and I went in it to and it was freezing it was great fun.

Cameron K:  Today we had a long journey but managed to keep our spirits high for the long hike to lake Oeschinesee the fog was so thick you could carve a statue from it, the cable-cart ride was also exhilarating.

Keval K: Today was well fun we had gone to lake in a massive hill some of us jumped it was brilliant!