The latest Big Brownie Birthday Euro Hop groups have just returned to the UK after a weekend in France and Belgium. Coleshill Brownies on Coach 6 share their highlights.

It’s been a really fun weekend. It’s been tiring too – we’ve been up early to fit in lots of activities every day.

We had an great time on the beach – we got lots of sand in our shoes.

It was really good making croissants at the boulangerie – we got to try some chocolate which was very chocolatey!

On Saturday night we had a campfire with everyone on Euro Hop – we learnt new songs. Our favourite was ‘Little Guiding Light’.

Yesterday we enjoyed going to chocolate shops in Bruges. There were lots of strange chocolate flavours like asparagus and seafood.

Last night we had a disco and we swapped badges and are taking lots of new ones away – it was groovy! We also ate snails – we thought they were yucky though Megan said they were nice.

It’s been an amazing weekend!