I met Wakefield North Division Brownies, their Leaders and Helpers and also Michael our Driver at the A1 Services near Peterborough and they were all extremely excited about their trip to Le Chateau d’Ebblinghem and EuroHop.  Colours of the Rainbow had been used to divide the Brownies in to seven groups and the Leaders all had an owl badge in the colour of their group.  I felt extremely honoured to be given a “Brown Owl” badge and lots of other goodies including a Birthday Card (they had done their homework as it was earlier in the week).  The Brownies took over the play equipment at the services and had lots of photos taken before continuing the journey to Folkestone and the Shuttle.  Unfortunately when we arrived at the Shuttle there were delays so  we travelled approximately 1 hour later than anticipated.

It was a very special day for Ashleigh, who was in the yellow group, as she made her promise when we were travelling in the tunnel.

After dinner the Brownies unpacked before playing games on the field and then bed!