Today the guys took to the art of creativity, and turned their hand to clog painting. Many of the leaders taking their decoration very seriously and attacked their clogs with paint using extreme caution. Of course whilst the leaders were enjoying themselves so were the scouts and explorers. Maybe with a little less caution, but fun all the same. The entire group were sooo happy with their clogs, that they just had to decorate a group clog for their scouting headquarters. Signed by all who attended it will take great pride and place once back in England!

Once the leaders were happy they had finally finished their clogs, and that they were the art of perfection it was time for lunch before an afternoon swim. The group decided on the outdoor pool, even though they had the choice of indoor and out. Certain Scouts opted to tell the younger ones of the group that the pool was of course heated by solar panels. Needless to say the younger one believed them and dived right in, only to find that nothing but a freezing pool awaited them once they hit the water. Still once they had warmed up they really enjoyed the pool and play fountains. Once warm and dry the group came back to pick up their Geo Caching sets ready to set out exploring.

Unfortunately the Geo Caching had been cut short as one of the Caches had been removed. New challenge… find the missing Geo Cache!

Even through this had cut their activity short the group still had their high spirits and turned their hand and some fire building as it was getting slightly cold. Once warmed up it was time to have some hot chocolate and get straight to bed ready for tomorrow!

Anybody found any fab Geo Caches!?