Our Explorers left Wednesday afternoon to hike up to the Ueschinnen mountain hut. As well as their own personal kit, they had to carry up their food provisions. Upon reaching the hut, they had to chop wood and then cook an evening meal for them and their climbing guides. Callum and Jon took control of the catering and the guides declared it the best bolognaise (with a kick) that they had ever tasted. Another lie in this morning – 8.30! Following Thursday breakfast,our intrepid Explorers(with Jon and Spotty) set off to do some bouldering and rock climbing. Spotty the mascot joined in and got stuck on a ledge. Luckily Alex and Josh leapt to the rescue. After the whole day climbing, they headed back down into the valley to rejoin the Scouts.

Scouts: Thursday was our hike day and we woke up to sunshine. Our hike guide for the day was Allan, who happened to originate from less than 15 miles from where we come from! The Scouts (and leaders!) did really well, negotiating steep zigzagging paths, climbing 700 vertical metres up to the Doldenhornhuette. The views and the flora/fauna were breathtaking. We were served hot tea and platters of salami, ham and tasty cheese to try. After our packed lunch, we admired the views from over 1900m then headed back a different way, involving negotiating streams and wire cables to hold onto. Allan, our guide, was impressed by our ability to keep a good pace. Once we were back in the village, we “attacked” the souvenir shops.