Yesterday was an early start for 1st Stratford Upon Avon – on the coach at 07:45! Unsurprisingly the coach was the quietest I’ve ever been on.

First stop the motorway services…but have you ever been to a services with colourful painted cows?!?

Another Painted Cow
Fiery Cow
Nestle & Callier Chocolate Cow
Nestle & Callier Chocolate Cow

I thought not! There were at least 15, one was even painted to look like a zebra!

Finally we arrived at the House of Callier. The tour was very interesting and even got the scouts thinking about some history, albeit the history of chocolate. Obviously the most anticipated part was the chocolate tasting. Everyone got stuck in.

Chocolate tasting is serious business you know
Chocolate tasting is serious business you know!

A stop for lunch in Gruyere was next. The Gruyere Castle is well worth a visit with some spectacular views. Then on to the cheese factory. Did you know 400 litres of milk are needed to make one 35kg round of Gruyere cheese? The scouts were quite shocked!

After the tour of the cheese factory everyone pilled back onto the coach to return to Kandersteg and take part in the much anticipated International Evening. The evening consists of scouts from countries all over the world sharing traditional food, dancing and singing. 1st Stratford Upon Avon decided to show off their Morris Dancing skills!

Let us know what you’d bring or perform for International Evening at KISC?