The festivities have continued here at KISC with all the Explorers and Network members making the most of the brilliant weather over the last few days!

The Snow and Ice trips have come to an end with all the expeditions having enjoyed some brilliant weather making the views across the glaciers absolutely stunning. Two of the groups hiked across the vast Kanderfirn Glacier to the Muttornhutte before making their way back to KISC on the 2nd day. The third group hiked up to the Frundenhutte the first morning, before being taught various techniques in roping up, ice climbing and general playing on the ice by the sounds of things; shortly followed by a dip in Oeschinensee on the way back down on the second day!

Other ventures that have been taking place include climbing up the Via-Ferrata, which the network members who did it described as being great fun and rather exposed at some parts… which basically means there’s some big drops under some really thin wire bridges and flimsy-looking wooden planks.

Yesterday afternoon saw some impressive dives, bombs and general slapping on the water, as the Ilford East Network members took to the swimming pool. Some of the other hilarious escapades included some very brave dives of the high diving board which inevitably ended in the highly-refined technique known most commonly as the “belly-flop”.

The Explorers from Ilford East also did a great job of managing to get the Frisbee stuck on top of the main marquee pole which took a very long tree branch and a lot of grunting and laughing to get back down!

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