What a day the group has had today. Four hikes took place, 2 to the cheesery, 2 climbing Bunderspitz (with 3 ladies having a shopping day in Bern).

The Cheesery hike was a 1860m climb from Kandersteg village. It was a steep climb on a very warm day (we were lucky with the weather). David’s hike left at 8am, arriving at 11.30am, the proprietor supplied hard and soft cheese and a glass of fresh milk. A demonstration followed on the fine art of making cheese by traditional methods. Many of the young lads (and leaders) bought cheese – so you can look forward to eating it!

The Bunderspitz hike was a 2456m climb from Kandersteg. It was a gruelling climb up the side of the mountain, to the peak, back down and around a mountain (going over some shale that at times felt like would give way and fall down the mountain) and then back down to the village. Richard’s group left at 8am and after the cable car ride up, departed at 8.40am and arrived back at camp at 5pm. There are many sore feet from the lads and adults alike!

The pictures you can see are of Paul’s group on their hike up to the Cheesery and of Richards group at the peak of the Bunderspitz.

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