Cheerio Glasgow & Linslade Scouts on Tour!

A super busy weekend with groups coming and going and tonnes of activities taking place means that you guys have missed out on the latest news from KISC – time for an update!

138th Glasgow finished on Friday with canyoning for the leaders and high ropes for the scouts and explorers. The canyoning which involved slides, 10m jumps and a zip wire was absolute quality and well worth anyone giving a try!

Saturday was changeover day with the Glasgow boys leaving and 1st Linslade Scout Group arriving, full of excitement with all the activities they have planned. Saturday afternoon, the group explored Kandersteg including taking a dip in the pool which seems to be very popular.

The group were treated to all the extremes of weather when they tackled the Gemmi Pass hike on Sunday. Starting at KISC, the group headed up to the Sunnbuel cable car and then walked and got a lift up to the top. The hike then took them through the snow bright sunshine to the top of Gemmi Pass to witness the breathtaking views over the Alps and the Bernese Oberland!

The sunshine is out for a day at least allowing the group to enjoy their rafting along the Aare River from Thun (pronounced ‘toon’ apparently) to Bern and along the Simme river at Boltigen. From the sounds of it and the amount of “brilliants” I’ve heard, they had a good time! Tonight is the International Barbecue with 600 people attending and a range of stalls and displays by groups from the UK, Ireland, America, the Netherlands, Denmark, Australia and Canada.

The upcoming week includes overnight hikes and trips up to Oechinensee for 1st Linslade while Hilton Guides arrive on Tuesday to stay for a week which includes trips up the Jungfrau and the caves at Beatushohlen!

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