After 2 days expedition-hiking it was time for a well-deserved chilled out day on Wednesday when West-Bridgford Explorers went on the chocolate and cheese tour! The trip took them to the Cailler Chocolate factory in Broc near Lausanne where they got a tour of the huge Swiss chocolate factory before stuffing themselves with as much free chocolate as they could!! So much so in fact that the packed lunches went untouched! This was followed by a detour to the cheese factory in gruyeres, the famous cheese capital of Switzerland, where I’m not sure how much cheese they managed to eat although I know they bought plenty!

Yesterday gave them all a chance to work off the calories from the previous day by hiking around the swiss mountains. The day comprised of three hikes taking in Bunderspitz, Stand-First and the Cheesery and with skies completely clear the views of the mountains surrounding Kandersteg and Adelboden were absolutely spectacular!

Today the guys are going White-water Rafting in the exteme Lutschine river underneath the North-face of the Eiger, a great way to finish off a packed and exciting week!

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