We were off to a rainy start yesterday as Kent Scouts set off to Amersfoort for a canoeing adventure. Despite the drizzle, the group managed to keep their spirits high and we were soon helping out with unloading at the meeting point with the great instructors from XL Adventure! The group had already met these lovely guides as they’d been the ones to aid us through the high ropes course on Tuesday, so everyone was comfortably chatty and before long we were ready to go. After some safety points, the scouts carefully picked their canoe crews and got themselves decked out in buoyancy aids.

‘Hey lads, get out your paddles and pose!’

With everyone raring to go, we began navigating the boats down to the water and it was soon pandemonium on the narrow strip! The excitement was tangible in the air as those in the water waited for everyone else to join them so they could get going. Luckily, all the effort involved in bringing down the canoes meant most of the scouts had warmed up and the rain was barely an inconvenience at this point!

Carefully navigating their way into the rocky canoes…

At last, the entire group was afloat and the instructors could begin directing everyone around the set route. With a course going into the city itself, the trip offered a unique perspective on the town of Amersfoort by canal as well as allowing the group to see the outer parts of the area that they might not otherwise have seen.

Chaotic paddling as the canal began to fill up with Scouts!

Once they’d returned to land, most scouts were eager to explore Amersfoort by foot, and spent a couple of hours strolling through the streets. This trip marked their last day in a new town, as today was spent having a wild time at De Efteling theme park. Tomorrow morning is departure day, and I’ll definitely be sad to see this fun-loving lot go. It also means that we’ve reached the end of the season here at Buitenzorg! I’ll be writing one more blog post after this to give an overview of my fantastic experience here, but I can’t believe how fast the days have gone. Better make the most of my last few days here!