Today, the group took a trip into Amersfoort for a morning canoeing session. Some of the group managed straight lines a lot better then others, who took gracefully to pirouetting in their canoes! Needless to say the group got very wet, 3 willing participants decided it was to warm, so in order to cool off the dived into the water, however when the dead fish floated by they soon dived back into their canoes. Others weren’t lucky enough to choose their fate with water and were either tipped in or capsized!

On the way back the rain kicked in but being scouts there all prepared for anything! After a quick brew the weather wasn’t stopping these guys from doing what they had planned. So off they all went, set out in waterproofs, to find the Windmills. The groups have had a fab day today and are looking forward to the high ropes tomorrow. Bring it on!

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