Well here I am in Adelboden! I arrived on Monday and don’t seem to have stopped since! Megan and I have been exploring what the local area has to offer and it did not disappoint! On Tuesday I found myself on a zip wire, speeding across a river valley and wobbling across a monkey bridge but thankfully I had a harness! It was great fun and is an activity offered to our groups, so I would recommend it 🙂 Today we went up the Engstligenalp in a cable car with breathtaking views and jangling cow bells at the top and then not satisfied with one trip we traveled to Kandersteg and went up in another cable car to the Oeschinensee- a clear blue lake at the top of a mountain. I’ll be back there to have a swim I think! Tomorrow a visit to Interlaken is on the cards but bed is calling- I am so tired after all this walking but it will certainly keep me fit, and maybe even offset the chocolate I’ve eaten 😉

I’m also looking forward to welcoming our first group on Friday, the Berwickshire Girl Guides. Have a safe trip out on the plane ladies!