We are all back at Cabana and reminiscing about our wonderful trip to Valle de Bravo and the Butterfly Sanctuary – our photos do not do it justice!

We hiked and rode horses the 3200 metres to the Butterfly Sanctuary and were in awe of this utterly unique place. The Monarch butterflies migrate from Canada during Autumn, hibernate for 3 months, then live in the mountains of Mexico in February. Fortunately for us, the sun shone which meant that we would get to see the butterflies, and as the weather was so perfect we saw millions.





We hiked up for one and half hours, and we saw more and more butterflies with every step. Then, once at the top, the butterflies were literally everywhere and we had to watch our footing and be careful not to move too quickly. It was a truly special sight, and most of us agreed that it is something we would never have seen without staying at Our Cabana. It is a memory to never forget.

We also visited the beautiful botanical gardens of Cosmovitral and admired the stunning stained glass windows that surround the gardens. We were all in awe of the beautiful artwork and enjoyed discovering their secret meanings. We also enjoyed a boat trip on the lake at Valle De Bravo and a visit to the monastery of Marantha.