Today we have had a wonderful day in Bruges, exploring the fairytale town. Both groups had loads of fun, including going to the choco-story and tasting yummy chocolate! I very much enjoyed that too!

Uddingston Explorers went to a torture museum, which they are raving about, I’m not so sure, personally! Whereas 1st Fenstanton and Hilton took part in a Bruges Monopoly challenge created by their Young Leader, Jamie! They were racing around taking photos of the different locations and doing some shopping as well!

Yesterday, Uddingston Explorers and I, went on the hike and canoe day. In 40 degree heat, which was kind of nice, we enjoyed canoeing down the river, fortunately we only had one minor crash, and no-one in the water! Meanwhile, 1st Fenstanton and Hilton went tree climbing and BMXing which were loved thoroughly, and they keep telling me so, which is excellent!


Tomorrow, I am off to Ypres with Uddingston Explorers whilst 1st Fenstanton and Hilton are having a chilled day, and potentially going on a hike!