Sunday was a busy and exciting day, spent in the wonderful Belgian city of Bruges. As we wondered up the cobbled streets towards the main square, we were trying our best to resist the amazing smell coming from the chocolate shops and cafe’s (this proved too difficult.. see below). We had to be careful to avoid the horse & carts trotting people around, as we darted between souvenir shops looking at all the goodies available.


After spending more time admiring the history and architecture of Bruges, we were lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the Royal Scouting Band St Leo, rehearsing for the Hafabrugge Music Festival – they were sounding fantastic and had us all humming along.

CubFest04 - Scout Band

Soon it was time for the all important canal cruise – a fantastic way to see city. We whizzed up and down the waterways and learned a bit more about some of Bruges’ most historic buildings, some dating back to the 12th Century.

CubFest01 - River Cruise

After a brilliant day, it was back to Le Chateau for dinner and a disco. Dinner brought a little surprise for the group in the form of Snails! Everyone tried the french delicacy, some even went back for more..


Monday morning came and the group packed their bags ready for departure – there were still plenty of activities to fit in before we crossed the channel back to the UK. It started with a visit to a sweet factory in Boulogne – Confiserie Becasuc. It was rather like stepping into Willy Wonka’s factory, with machines whirring and bright colours on the walls. The very humorous Monsieur Luc demonstrated how their famous boiled sweets were made, although he needed some help from the Cubs to finish the batch. After some sweet tasting, we stocked up on bags of treats for the journey home and said ‘au revoir’ to Monsieur Luc and his multicoloured workshop.


After having lunch on the beach one last time, we headed to Terlincthun British War Cemetery, just outside of Boulogne. Here, the cubs were able to pay their respects to the fallen and the unknown soldiers of WW1. Roger, leader of 4th Heston, ensured that the Cubs knew the significance of this last destination, before the groups laid crosses and a wreath to mark their visit. Promises were renewed by Cubs and Leaders, and tales were told of loved ones who also gave their lives in the war. A very moving and fitting end to our trip.


Once we were back on the coach, it was straight up to Calais for our journey home. With everyone feeling a little sleepy after such a busy weekend, we said goodbye to France, Belgium and all of the wonderful friends that were made over this brilliant weekend. Until next time!

CubFest2 - Group