Snow Tubing at Jungfrau

The boys (and girls) arrived on Sunday from Glasgow! Although the weather seemed doomed at first they quickly settled into their chalet in Bonderlen, Adelboden! With the leaders commenting that it was as though they had never left and it felt like home! Since then, the weather has been pretty much on our sides!

Monday, the 1st Viewpark Boy’s Brigade and I took a visit to Brigerbad Thermalbad – an outside waterpark with thermal pools, a large flume (that definitely tested your walking abilities) a river pool, and it even had huge rocks that you could jump into the pool from! Oh, I can’t forget the fountain! It was so big that it actually shoots people up that try to lie on top of it! For those over 16 there was the “Grotto” which had a pool in that was no joke, 42 degrees celsius, and another pool which was ice cold! It definitely tested our reactions to heat! The boys had a whale of a time, especially on the flume and jumping off the rocks – I have some brilliant photos!

Yesterday we embarked on a journey to the Jungfraujoch, no earlier than 6.54! The boys almost fell asleep at the train station after waking up at around 5am!

After some time travelling up lots of large mountains we reached the Jungfrau where the amount of snow was unreal! We trekked up to the top onto the Sphinx (the plateau where we ate our lunch on the snow) and jumped into some rubber rings and slid down an amazingly bendy and slippy slope. The best part was that we didn’t even have to walk up it again as there was a lift! We even had a train of about 8 rubber rings going at once towards the end! Definitely something that I shall never forget! After this we checked out the viewing platform with the famous Jungfraujoch sign, and took a wander up to the ice palace, which is just as it sounds, an entire place made out of ice, with various sculptures and such!

To my excitement I found that Diet coke, or Coke lite as it’s called over here, is sold up there! This may sound a little strange, but since my arrival in Switzerland I have found that it is pretty much a rare species – especially at corner shops, bakeries and train stations!

This group are definitely teaching me a lot! In particular planking! Who knew of such a thing?!
I’m so excited for the rest of this week! Oeschinensee today was just as much fun and  we have a trip to Interlaken on Saturday! This group are definitely as crazy as I am, and I’m loving it!

Rhia xx

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