lauras pic 2

Hello, birthday girl here! I’m Laura and it was my 16th birthday yesterday (23rd). We had a nice (not so leisurely) 5:30am wake up, where I arose to the presents and cards off my friends and family. Mandy set up a fabulous continental breakfast which consisted of croissants, ham & cheese, cereal etc. We left the chalet at what was supposed to be 7:45am, but ended up being about 8:10am. We met Colette at the bus station and she walked us to the adventure park. None of us really knew what to expect so when we arrived, we were more than happy with what we saw.

For once we actually arrived early to something, so awaited keenly for the instructor to set up. He showed us the ropes – quite literally – and let us loose. There were 3 zip wires at different heights (essentially 6 as they all had a return wire to get back to the other side), High ropes, and abseiling off a bridge. We could do the zip wires & high ropes as many times as we wanted, and just clipped ourselves on and zoomed off. The braver ones of us let go of the wire…until we started to spin so panicked and clung on for dear life. We were so worn out after crossing rivers and jumping off bridges, that we ate our lunch at 11am.

Another group arrived so we took our harnesses off and set off on what was the hilliest walk any of us have ever endured. Just as we reached what we thought was the woodcarvers, what seemed like miles of endless hills, grass, and chalets lay before us. We walked through the gorge before we got to the woodcarvers and it was stunning. The fast flowing water over the smooth marbled rocks was just incredible. We had to climb countless stairs which had see through floors, but it was worth it as we saw something magical. We took a 10 minute pit stop at the top, then walked to the wood carvers.

It was a cute little chalet, just like all the others, only this one had hundreds of little hand carved wood statues. Well, I say little, there was a 7ft hand carved bear outside the shop, which we of course took a group photo in front of. We walked inside the shop to find 1000’s of guiding and scout badges covering the ceiling! We found the Worcestershire badge which was far more exciting than it should have been. We soon realised that the shop was stuffed full with small intricate carved objects, ranging from tiny little cats, to musical boxes with hidden keys.

Pretty much anything that was for sale could have a name put onto it straight away, so the majority bought things for loved ones. Outside the shop we a yodelling man (it wasn’t a real man, it was wooden (of course) and you put money in to make him yodel). We all laughed a little as he sounded quite funny at times, then had the sudden realisation that we had to walk for about 2 hours back to the chalet…so we went to the cafe round the corner to drown our sorrows and pain. After ordering countless hot chocolates and slices of lemon cake, we were delighted to hear that taxis were on there way!! I’ve never seen a group of girls be more grateful for a taxi in my entire life. We all squeezed into the cars and appreciated the fact that we weren’t walking.

When we got back to the chalet, dinner was put on straight away as we were starving from today’s hike. We had pizza and salad, which was amazing, then had an angel delight flan. Whilst I went upstairs to send a message after tea, I came back down to see what everyone was doing, when everyone sang happy birthday and there was a cake and cupcakes on the table! The girls made me cry because it was such a nice thing to do, and we all had a delicious cupcake, thanks Mandy! We then went to bed as it was quite late. I had the best 16th birthday ever!!