Walking along the water

Welcome to the capital of not only the Bernese Oberland (of which Adelboden is a part) but also of the “Confoederatio Helvetica” more commonly referred to as Switzerland!

This was a big day out for the Guides from Staffordshire and Godalming and 2 buses and three trains later we are standing at the centre of the Swiss Confederation. A stunning, historical capital situated around the Aare river (on which the Godalming Guides rafted), so precious in fact that it has UNESCO World heritage status.

A “must” for Bern is the famous Bear Pit. A Bear has been the symbol of the city since the 1200’s and when the Bernese troops returned from war in 1513 with a bear as one of their many “spoils” they built a place for it to live in the city. There have been Bears in Bern ever since. The pit has been replaced since then (though only in 2009!) and the Bears now have a parkland area to enjoy, including a section of the Aare in which they can swim!

The Girls all loved seeing the bears and even bought a cuddly reminder- which we named Franc. You can sponsor a bear (or part of one!) by buying one of the stones which make up the path overlooking the Bear Park. It became a whole activity in itself spotting amusing names in the stones- including Cindy Lauper!

Several of the Girls also took in the Einstein Museum located in Albert Einstein’s old apartment which he rented from 1903 for the two years he lived in Bern. Einstein said that it was as he was riding the streetcar to his job at the patent office travelling towards Bern’s famous clock tower that he imagined racing a light beam and he realised how light moved at a different speed through time than we did.

Looking at the clock tower you too may be inspired – or, like us, realise that a wonderful day has all too soon come to an end! All thoroughly recommend Bern as a day out, a big city with a Swiss feel from big stores to quaint markets, Cinemas to crepes and cuddly (and not so cuddly) bears!

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