Today some of us went on a hike up a mountain where we had to do a bit of map reading. however there was a constant flow of annoying rain which wasn’t to bad after we put on our rain coats. but as we got half way up we stopped in a hotel and all had a hot chocolate(!) and waited for the rain to blow over. Even though we waited for a while the rain still didn’t blow off so we got out side again, but as soon as we got walking again the rain stopped. On the way down there was stunning water falls, it was like somthing i had never seen before and as we got down we all bought an ice cream and then went back to camp.

Ben B

Today we went to the Jacobs ladder. It said on the programme that we were meant to go rock climbing but it was too slippery because of the storm. The Jacobs ladder was extremely fun but we did it in 35 minutes what was quite slow compared to the others. We had lunch while at the Jacobs ladder because we were really hungry! We also did abseiling again but it had to be cut short because of the rain.

Matthew W