Live music at KISC

There was optimism in the air for the slighly later 9am start of swiss day at KISC, as 2000 scouts all crowded around the front of the centre for breakfast and aerobics. This involved popular songs from around the globe.

After this the activities started giving the scouts and explorers a range of activities to choose from. This included various sports as well as a dunk tank allowing everyone to cool off in the summer heat.

After this there was an international carnival where scouts were able to trade badges, neckars, etc. with other troops from around the globe. Following this was a play that told the story of William Tell and aspects of the history of Switzerland leading straight onto the BBQ.

The parade started at 8pm with the 2000 scouts all making their way to Kandersteg village. This was for a speech from the mayor, concert & fire to end the festivities. The atmosphere towards the end was the highlight of the day and was a joy to watch along with the groups. If there’s any day to be out at KISC, its this one.