So on Monday the group split into two groups, the under 14s and the over 14s. The older ones went up the Lochstenpass and stayed over in the mountain hut.

The hike consisted on the first day of a mega slog up the back of the valley in Kandersteg to begin with, with a short flat section in the middle and a longer slog up some hills before crossing a glacier. We were all expecting to be walking across snow and ice but was surprised to find only a small section of snow with the rest being ice covered in bits of rock and slate. We then had another slog up the mountain before eventually reaching the hut in time for tea. We saw some brilliant scenes and walked past some huge steep drops, but all arrived safe and sound.

We then went on to do 1st Formby explorers highest investiture at 2690 meters welcoming Matt into the group. We also invested Lucy who somehow managed to escape investiture for two years!!

After a night of cramped sleep in bunk beds we woke up to breakfast before heading down the hill, again some very steep sections before eventually reaching the railway station to take the train through the mountain back to Kandersteg village.

It was a long hard hike but well worth all the effort, aching legs and feet, and the moaning all the way up!!