We arrived yesterday lunchtime after a rather long journey but the boys were happy enough when they found out it was macdonalds for breakfast! Once we arrived at the campsite the boys settled into their tipi style tents and we had a wander into town (apparently in Holland they even make cycle paths look like roads on the map – oops) in the centre of town we did a little exploring (tried to find the ice cream shop) and came across a play fountain! Scouts being scouts were totally prepared for this with no change of clothes or a towel off they went into the water thoroughly drenching themselves! After teaching them how to wring out their clothes we continued on our quest for ice cream, leaving trails of water as we went. Eventually we stumbled across a food place where we settled for tea and ice cream before heading back to the campsite via the shop. All in all a good day and everybody finally got some sleep! (Well until the helicopter hovering above the campsite arrived at 6am)

Now we’re clog painting! I’ll update you again this evening.